Galaxy S6 battery mod – battery stats update

So 15 days after replacing my Galaxy S6 original battery with S7 Edge one, I have gathered some stats, that might give you an idea just how much improvement you can expect.

So I am using GSam Battery Monitor to track my battery life.

Just for some context – here is a screenshot from just before I did the mod:

You can see that the averages per complete charge show a very degraded battery – just bellow 17 hours on average with just 1h 38m of SOT.

After I put the S7 Edge battery, the first day, my phone died just after 30h of usage:

This was a busy day, so only 2h48m SOT, however about 4 hours of Spotify listening over bluetooth.

After the holidays came, I began using the phone very heavily, so my averages became very different.

Here I have some heavy Christmas redditing and browsing.

After New Years’ Eve, although my averages were much lower, because of heavy usage and frequent charging, I am very confident that the battery is calibrated and performing as expected. Here is a day with about 1 hour of navigation, almost 4 hours of Spotify streaming over Bluetooth, a little bit of Reddit and Facebook + half an hour of calls.


So in conclusion – I am really happy with my battery life now – we are all looking forward to the graphene battery breakthrough, that will bring  10000 mAh to smartphones, but until then – I am sticking with my Galaxy S6. 🙂

EDIT 18.06.2017: After a little bit over half an year, I am using my phone heavier than ever and haven’t noticed any substantial degradation in the battery life.

My Averages Per Complete Charge are very low, but that’s expected since I am using my phone with it’s screen constantly turned on during the day, sitting at wireless charger, streaming Spotify over bluetooth.

  • scanarch

    Hi! Thanks for sharing that!
    I literally just finished the same mod, hoping to breath a new life into my S6 🙂

    • Due to some negative effects associated with keeping your battery always charged to 100%, the battery percentage indicator “lies” to you in the high nineties. Don’t worry – after some usage it calibrates and becomes accurate.

  • Patrick Wagner

    Since im using the s7 edge battery for a couple of days, getting nearly 6 hours on-screen time with playing a intensive 3dgame (Vainglory) . Thats just impressive
    The Percentage-Battery-Icon is also getting better and better, normalizing after 3 full discharges and 100% charges. This mod is worth the time 100%, and its not so hard to do

    • What would be the purpose – since currently it charges to full capacity. Less time until it calibrates?

      • Patrick Wagner

        do you think its going to normalize after some time ?

        • Yes, mine became quite accurate – when it says 1% its now really 1%.

          • Patrick Wagner

            wow thats nice to hear, did you do some special things, except one time using [root] battery calibration app ? or just full discharges and full charges over time ?
            or do i have to use this app everytime the battery is full charged

          • No, just the first time, to wipe the old calibration data. Just use your phone normally and don’t worry about the battery calibration – it is designed to “learn” from normal usage.

          • Patrick Wagner

            ok, thanks for the answers 🙂

  • njcki

    Can you guys post some photos of the back glass? I just wanna know if there is some gap between the glass and the frame because of the different sizes.

  • berserksgangr

    Hi guys, how is it going after a few months of use? Still suggesting the mod? Still on the Edge than the S7 flat battery?

    • I’ve updated the article – see the last screenshot. Basically the battery seems to be almost as good as when I did the mod.

      • berserksgangr

        Thanks that’s encouraging… now I have just to find the right place to take care of it

  • minime998

    How is the back cover? I think you mentioned something about the back cover sticking out a little.