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I am a technology enthusiast, interested in computer programming, Android, Linux, all kind of modern and ancient hardware, hacking and science. I am currently working as a C++ developer in Vayant Travel Technologies.

Short career summary

2008-2013: Embedded programming @ Johnson Controls

My first professional job in programming was in the Automotive division of Johnson Controls (now Visteon).

There I learned C and was involved in the development of embedded SW for car instrument clusters. Real-time embedded systems programming is vastly different, compared to most other types of SW development, because of the unusual constrains on computational resources on one hand and the freedom in regards of total system visibility and memory access from other. This was excellent learning experience – not only getting into one of the most efficient and lean programming language, but also gaining some insight in how a computer works – from CPU registers, interrupts, OS resources and preemptive task scheduling to I/O ports, basic electronics and stepper motors. Using an oscilloscope to debug a communication protocol driver crash is probably not the definition of fun for most people, but hell – it is for me. 😀

Instrument cluster

While there I contributed to the core platform team,  and later to the graphics platform software, where I started to learn OOP and C++. I worked on some platform embedded code and on some internal tools.

2013-2016: Cinema 4D based modelling tool @ Predistic / Continental

During my time in Predistic, I participated in a project developing AMT – a tool for GUI modelling, based on Cinema 4D, that was part of a toolchain used to generate C/C++ code from high level GUI designs for use in automotive instrument clusters. I also developed an testing framework, using SikuliX’s image recognition and input simulation, that was later used to write automated tests for the AMT tool.

Demo 1080p@60fps instrument cluster

During this time I expanded my understanding of C++ and got in love with the new features that came in C++11 and C++14 (although I was not able to use them as much as I wanted).

2016-Present: Modern High Performance C++ @ Vayant

Vayant is leading innovator in the Airfare Search Industry and here I got to work on the core product of the company – OneSearch.

Vayant Search

I also got to work on Linux for the first time and I find it hard to remember what was life like before. The modern codebase  really allows me to expand my C++ skills by actually putting them to practice. There are not that many fields where high performance and efficiency is critical and I am happy that I am working in a place, where it is in high demand.


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