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Galaxy S6 battery mod: S7 Edge battery

I am pretty happy with my Galaxy S6 – its an excellent phone. Amazing CPU and GPU performance, fast storage (though I only got the 32 GB version), good software support (Samsung updated it to Nougat) and of course the beautiful AMOLED 1440p display – it certainly is one of the best phones released by Samsung. One issue I had with it, however was its battery life. At the beginning, while not amazing, the battery performance was okay – I was getting about 30 h with medium-heavy usage, which fast charging alleviated a lot. However, with using fast charging all the time, after an year and a half, my average battery life has dropped to about 18 hours, which while manageable is far from perfect. Continue reading Galaxy S6 battery mod: S7 Edge battery

Mini ITX office PC build log

So, the other day, my mom’s office computer began to fail – unable to start sometimes and sudden shutdowns. Upon inspection, it turned out, that a lot of the capacitors on the motherboard were swollen. This ancient 10 year old machine has seen a lot and it was time for it to go. Since my mom is a doctor and is quite dependent on her PC to work, I knew that when her computer inevitably dies, she would just go out and buy some shitty prebuilt machine, so I decided that I will build one for her. Continue reading Mini ITX office PC build log

The wonderfull world of Link Time Optimization – part 1 (the theory)

The need for performing software

In the world of programming performance is not really an issue for most type of applications, even though many software developers seem to think otherwise – premature optimization is the root of all evil, blah-blah, etc.

However, when a piece of software is run by many people, even if it really is not wasting too much CPU cycles, the case can be made – why waste any at all? Continue reading The wonderfull world of Link Time Optimization – part 1 (the theory)