Saphire GUI framework


Saphire GUI is a lightweight C++ framework for GUI design.

It is based on SDL2 / SDL2_Image / SDL2_ttf. Note that, currently its in very early development phase and probably a lot of it will undergo a redesign.

It uses CMake for a build system, so you should be able to build it on any linux distro with relative ease, and with some posix adapters, building it on Windows should not be too hard.

What is currently working:

  • Window management
  • Input event handling – Unicode text support
  • Two basic widgets implemented – Text, Image
  • RAII wrappers over SDL API

Future improvements:

  • Separation of test code
  • framework will be organized into dynamic and/or static library + headers for easier integration
  • Embed gfx resources directly into an executable
  • Simple state machines with focus event propagation

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